Niyoti Box Office Collection

Cast and Crew
Arifin Shuvoo, Falguni Rahman Jolly
Screen Count
102 (BD), 85 (Overseas)
Release Date
12 August 2016
35 million
Gross Collection.
36.80 million  (3.68cr)
Net Collection.
27.60 million (2.60cr)
Verdict FLOP
Overseas Release Gross Collection 65 lakhs (6.5m)
Opening Day 59 lakhs (5.9m)
Day 2 50 lakhs (5.0m)
Day 3 37 lakhs (3.7m)
Day 4 28 lakhs (2.8m)
Day 5 22 lakhs (2.2m)
Day 6 20 lakhs (2.0m)
Day 7 13 lakhs (1.3m)
FIRST WEEK DOMESTIC GROSS 2.29 crores (22.90m)
SECOND WEEK GROSS 56 lakhs (5.6m)
THIRD WEEK GROSS 18 lakhs (1.8m)

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Faruq says:

    6th day 20 million!!!!! What a fool! Ha ha ha. That means its wrong information. It should be 20 lakhs.

  2. Faruq says:

    Wrong information. Overseas release gross collection is 11 million(1.10cr). 1st week collection is 65 lakhs. Solve it immediately.

  3. sohan says:

    vai apni ata kibabe janen kon website thekw janen plss aktu bolben??

    1. Faruq says:

      1st day:1.7 million
      1st week:65 lakhs
      toal 6 week collection: 11 million

  4. Maruf says:

    are you mad….

  5. maruf says:

    Are you mad. ……. shob pagoler karkhana……

  6. Anwar khan says:

    Im liveng london i like bangla movie i nevar a bar se indian movie l like bangla movie i love my county i wall time sapot bangla move im born in london my name is anwar khan

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