Podmo Patar Jol Box Office Report

 11750714_10153611471760628_276373568510214407_n The film takes place during the British colonial era, where a poet from rural Bengal comes to the city for the first time and ends up in Baizi Bari where he meets a dancer and falls in love with her dancing abilities. During his time inside the Baizi Bari, he discovers the dark secrets kept inside, the secrets world in unaware of.

Genre: Romance
Director: Tanmay Tansen
Cast: Mamnun Hasan Emon, Mim Biddya Sinha Saha
Release Date: July 18, 2015

Number of Screens: 23
Budget: 35 million (4.5 Crores)
Gross: 12.5 million (1.25 Crores)

BOOK     balaka   blockbuster   Star

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  1. Drovo says:

    Ai website ar manus gula ki sob moira gece naki?

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