Kistimaat Box Office Report

Screens: 52 (First Week)
                112 (Second Week)
Budget: 15 million
Gross: 38.30 million
Nett: 17 million
Verdict: HIT

First Day (Eid)
2.61 million
75% Occupancy
Second Day
2.51 million 75% Occupancy 
Third Day
1.91 million 65% Occupancy 
Forth Day
1.73 million
60% Occupancy 
Fifth Day
1.76 million
60% Occupancy 
Sixth Day
1.12 million
45% Occupancy 
Seventh Day
1.50 million 55% Occupancy 
First Week
1.31 million
Second Week
10.05 million
Third Week
6.7 million
Forth Week
6.1 million 
Total Lifetime Collection
38.30 million

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Mostafizur says:

    Hitmaner update chai

  2. Mortuz Ali says:

    hitman or kistimat movier box office collections koto

  3. sabbir says:

    kistimat bajimat

  4. sabbir says:

    admin@ bro u r doing a great job.hope that u will keep it up.carry on

  5. Nasir Ahmed says:

    Bangladeshi cinemar shornojuger suchona hoyece.kistimat,kohj-the search, speed, nissharto bhalovasha, most welcome, MW2, valobhasar rong, tarkata, hero the super star er moto film gulor business record proman korece.ashole bangalira korte chaile shobkichui of luck Bangladeshi films.

  6. Billal khan says:

    kistimat er second thired week er collection chai.

  7. Nirzhar says:

    Achcha ekhane j hishebta dakhano hochche sheta to ticket sail er hishab, ashol box office collection holo nett collection. Apnara sheyta den na kano ???

  8. iftakar says:

    bro you’re doing a great job…but don’t lose your credibility by kistimatt numbers…the film was a big flop you know that. plz don’t put those fake numbers up there.

    1. bondhuraju says:

      #IFTEKER….tumi to movie ki jano na???Flop r Hit er ki bujho mia????

  9. samim says:

    update chai?

  10. md tipu says:

    Mw2 koto hoyce???mw2 full report share korun

  11. bondhuraju says:

    This is the history maker movie of BD…..Arfin shuvo was amazing!!!!!
    And #misha vai was super with his dialog like..”Time will say,lion Robi k???”

  12. Iftakar says:

    Kisstimat producer has lost 70 lak. Plz i know. Call him and ask him.

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