Most Welcome 2 Box Office Report


Screens: 66
Budget: 45 million
Gross: 36 million
Nett: 17 million
Verdict: FLOP
Pre Release (Sponsors and Rights)    
First Week
18 million
Second Week
8 million
Third Week
5 million
Forth Week
5 million 
Total Lifetime Collection
36 million 

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  1. savu says:


    1. Farhad says:

      Actually I don’t watch bangla movie for our quality but nowadays it’s completely change and the change came from jalil I like his movie hats off jalil bai.if think about boxoffice then I think his movie bangla desher 50%cinema hole chole.sakib his really good actor buhh most of his movie copy from bollywood

  2. milton says:

    jolil vaiya, ki dorkar silo 5 Crores taka jole fele daoya…. Eto taka loss koreo ki apner moto 1jon businessman er buddhi hossena….
    Apni valo korei janen e to supper hero to asei, to tar/boss er sathe ki key protidondita kore ??????????

    1. Orchid Shimanta Hashmi says:

      Mr. Milton you are totally wrong. Film of Mr. Jalil is a different pattern movie which has created a significant vision in bangla movie. His film is international standard movie. This is universal true.

  3. shams ahmed says:

    most welcome 2 flim balo heroin balo kintu hero pocha tai ok bad die sobi korle hoyto ati aro babsha korto

    1. Orchid Shimanta Hashmi says:

      I am not agreed with you. Mr. Jalil did not made this film only for money. He has made this film for presenting us a different entertainment. He is a nice, educated & smart person.

  4. hasan mahamud says:

    thats a great movie

  5. mamun says:

    i dont know why this movie is flop . ata amar deka bangladehi sera movie

  6. Mamun says:

    Akta different movie daklam,bangla movie te sudu aje baje ata different golpo. Aro important holo ananto r obinoyer onek unnoti hoise.aste aste aro hobe asa korsi. Ami ananter sob movie daksi,sobse vlo lagse ata.

  7. mizan says:

    In consedering overall collection most welcome 2 movie hit or flop? Please give answer.

    1. Orchid Shimanta Hashmi says:

      Moral issue is that, Mr. Jalil is trying to enhance bangla movie through making different movie which will be positive for bangla movie. Everything is not measured by money. Most welcome 2 is running successfully in different countries & prove that bangla film is best & Bangladesh is great.

  8. Orchid Shimanta Hashmi says:

    Most welcome 2 is the best bangla movie in 2014. Mr. M.A. Jalil is trying to develop the pattern of bangla movie & I was waiting for this moment. This movie is not flop movie. I hope that the next movie of Mr. M A. Jalil `The Spy` will be give us a new significant fission of bangla movie. Best of luck to Moon soon Films.

  9. Orchid Shimanta Hashmi says:

    Mr. M.A. Jalil do not worry, we support your effort. Your film will create a significant vision in bangla movie.

  10. mizan says:

    I am a fan of jalil vai. So I don’t want that his movie would flop

    1. Orchid Shimanta Hashmi says:

      This flim is not flop & it is running successfully in Bangladesh and other countries.

  11. mizan says:

    But why this site shows the collection is 3.85 cores.need update news…… please

    1. Orchid Shimanta Hashmi says:

      3.85 cores has earned only in Bangladesh & it is not world wide. In world wide this movie has earned more & more foreign money. Because this flim has made for not only Bangladesh but also foreign countries. It is an international standard movie. So do not worry.

  12. Hartal says:

    I’ve seen in many cinema hall and district area in Bangladesh still run Most Welcome2 along with overseas country since Eid-ul-fitre. If we calculate gross business, it’ll be huge because MW2 earning everyday and will continue till Eid-ul-Azha. Many reputed multinational company sponsor on this movie. So, AJ earned some hidden money by thats way too . So, don’t disappoint and never forget that, A.J is a genuine businessman.

  13. Jallil’s Marketing policy is different, So this movie is not flop.

  14. mizan says:

    I also think that this type film never be flop…. but as a fan of jalili want to know update time to time….

  15. naime ahmed says:

    @ hassokor half ticcket jolil

  16. RK ABIR says:

    Kicu faltu lok acha jara anantor pichone sarakkhon lega thake.anonto bd flim indruster jonno ke na korteca.hoyto tar obenoya 1tu problem acha,but etaa kono pblm na.tar flim j projukte use ta onnokono porecalok use korar sahos kore na

    1. Porag says:

      Akjon Actor er Main Holo tar Ovinoy.. R apne bolsen temon kesuna?!! 😮 Haste haste pate betha hoyea gelo…

  17. Limon says:

    It’s more than 8th week and this film still running at Star Cineplex and Blockbuster ( Jamuna Future park). I am sure the figure given by this site is not authorized.

  18. Porag says:

    Mr. Anata Jalil is ato Educated Manus.. When he speak in bangla he speak ordhek gulai vhul!!!

  19. Sattar Sarker (NSU) says:

    I just love this movie…..sei rokom akta movie… of luck ananta vai

  20. mizan says:

    Bujhlam na!!!!!! 3.85 crores er baire MW2 ki ar 1 taka o earn koreni? Kore thakle need update……

  21. samim says:

    Vai mw2 r update chai.

  22. most welcome-2
    super move but Total Lifetime Collectionato kom kan?

    1. Orchid Shimanta says:

      because this amount is local collection that means, only in Bangladesh, not world wide collection. would wide collection may be crossed 15.5 koti. best of luck mr. Ananta Jalil. he is a nice person & great asset of Bangladesh.

  23. mizan says:

    Worldwide collection koto?

  24. md tipu says:

    5.2 cr. Ki 66 hall theke asece….????

    1. Orchid Shimanta says:

      This amount is local collection that means, only in Bangladesh, not world wide collection. world wide collection may be crossed 15.5 cr. best of luck mr. Ananta Jalil. he is a nice person & great asset of Bangladesh.So, we hope that mr. Ananta Jalil will keep it up.

      1. md tipu says:

        Apne ki seur vai 15 cr. Worldwide….please jodi janen share koren

  25. mizan says:

    **Full report will be available soon……but when??????????

  26. md tipu says:

    Admin vai ki kicu janen….mw2 riport

  27. Mosabbir says:

    please ans me overseas collection…

  28. Ohom chowdhury says:

    A j try his best for save the industry

  29. anm maksud says:

    ananto VAI na ale bangla film jatrar moto thaktho. Ami ananto vaier shathe bena takay kaj karthe agro he.

  30. Mizanur Rahman says:

    jolil vi movie korar pasapasi jodi valo nayok khuje flim direct kore and producced kore tahole 100% bangla flim valo hobe kolkatar cheye…. am i right ?

  31. ohiduzzaman says:

    salam u.this is the man who is trying to save our bd film industry and i think he is the captain our bd film industry.
    God blz u just do continue.

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